Between Assignments

The Specialist. My favorite image from February surprised me, which may be why it is my favorite. I walked into the room, liked the light on Lord Greystoke, and ran back to my office for the camera. Maybe I should plan to be more spontaneous. 😉

February assignments included three theater shoots, one portrait session and one product session.  Personal “planned” shoots included a tour of downtown Los Angeles, a visit to The Getty Center, and a walk through the Bolsa Chica Wetland Preserve.

Just for fun, I viewed about 1300 of last month’s images on the Aperture browser and scrolled through to see what caught my eye.

To my surprise, my favorite image was not from an assignment or planned shoot. The subject was not a singer, dancer, model, or bird in flight. It was one of our cats, doing what he does most of the time – napping.

In the previous post, I said that I don’t always carry a camera. Maybe I should.

Another Photographer. I also like this one, but I don't know why or what I would do with it. This was shot through a window shade at The Getty. I like the moire pattern, even though I know I'm not supposed to. Ah, what a rebel I am!

For comparison, here is a nice picture of a very nice person. This image of fashion designer Barbara Bowman accompanied a story promoting the Ojai Film Festival’s “Oscar Party of the Decade.” The picture does its job, but does not grab me in any way (except for the memory of meeting Barbara, whom I liked very much). It’s about the most un-spontaneous shot ever, because we were on a very tight schedule.  I arrived early with several lighting diagrams, studied the location and adjusted said diagrams, set up the lights, shot the pictures, put away the lights, and was driving home within twenty minutes total. I love my assignments, and I learn new technical tricks every time. But now I’m thinking about how much more I might learn from the images I make between assignments.

Barbara Bowman in her boutique. Three flash units plus ambient light to produce an intentionally unremarkable picture of a truly remarkable person. It's harder than you might think.

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One response to “Between Assignments

  1. Jude

    Love your photos Dean…esp Lord Greystroke…beautiful ‘n ‘rich’!

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