Available Light Grab Shots

I’m trying to get better about traveling light and trusting my photographic instincts. This week, my wife and I visited the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to attend a reading by writer Andrei Codrescu. We arrived quite early to spend time wandering the grounds and galleries before the presentation. I carried my Nikon D300 and a medium telephoto lens. No studio lights, no lens changes, no backbreaking camera bag. What fun!

Photographer Greg Cooper, who also likes to shoot at the Getty, taught me to find interesting light, create a composition, and wait for something to happen. That's what I tried to do here.

I'm not very interested in photographing other people's art, so I look for other opportunities in the galleries. I really liked this shadow of a statue of Hermes. Looks a little devilish, doesn't he?

On our way to the auditorium for Mr. Codrescu's appearance, we got a different perspective on a piece of sculpture I'd only seen from below previously. Better yet, staying after the galleries closed exposed us to light we rarely get to see in this venue.


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2 responses to “Available Light Grab Shots

  1. Cindy Pitou Burton

    Wonderful photographs. I’ve wandered the grounds with my camera in hand many times, traveling light and shooting little. I love your eye for the odd detail and here it really pays off. Lovely.

  2. Myrna Cambianica

    its all about light … great images

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