Calm Before the Storm

This entry is not about the pictures posted. I’m posting these pictures because they are the psychological equivalent of a deep breath. Why do I need to take a deep breath? Explanation below.

The two buildings featured in this photograph held very still while I made the shot. Separated from my tour group, I could take as long as I wanted to compose each photo.

Another shot of the infinitely interesting Disney Concert Hall. The sky was very patient with me.

Later this week, I get to produce program photos for the local high school’s upcoming musical. I’m excited about the assignment, because it was my son’s appearance in his high school musical that inspired my interest in theatre photography. Likewise, my daughter’s participation in a dance concert put me on the path to learn dance photography.

One of the parent volunteers sent me a list of fifteen required images, and an additional list of images “it would be NICE to have…”  The required shots include large groups, small groups, duos, and individual headshots. Total time allotted for photography: One hour.  That’s about four minutes to pose, light, and shoot each image. Believe it or not, it’s very doable, but I’ll have to think fast and act fast. That’s why I’m looking at “deep breath” photos now. I need to think clearly today, because there won’t be much time to think during the assignment.

I don’t know what the sets look like or how much working room I’ll have, so I’ve sketched lighting diagrams for a variety of contingencies. I’ve double-checked my battery strategy, my umbrellas and stands, my camera setting banks, and other images I’ve shot in that theater. The wildcard is whether there will be an effective teenager wrangler on site. It may be their first night in costumes, and that could cause delays.

I look forward to sharing some of the results in Friday’s post, because I expect to try a 60″ umbrella reflecting the light of twin SB600 speedlights for some of the shots, and I know a couple of you lighting aficionados will want to see how that works. Me too!

After the shoot, I’ll probably go out and photograph some buildings.


EDIT UPDATE: Just got a new shot list. I’m now doing approximately thirty set-ups in one hour. Yeah, baby!

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