Coming soon: Dancers in A Small Flash Studio Environment

I got a chance to photograph some high school dancers in their classroom today, with my own backdrop and lights.  I’ll need a few days to finish editing and processing the images, but I think there will be a lot of blog material. The missing variable today was time.  We needed a group shot and individual shots of the dancers.  With just a few minutes per person, I could  not fine tune the lights for each composition. But I think I came up with a solution, as you’ll see in next Tuesday’s entry.

Testing the lights while the dancers get ready. I chose not to leap, a decision for which the floor was surely grateful.

One girl needed her brief session a couple of hours early, so she became my guinea pig. By the time the other dancers arrived, I had raised the lights on the right and toned down the light on the left. I made additional improvements along the way. Details to come.

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