More Personal Photography

Last year I set about to learn how to photograph hats. I think I learned a lot, but then I didn't photograph any hats. Don't be surprised if Stetson and Akubra show up in the keywords a lot this year.

Like most people, I see January as a good time to make course corrections. Reviewing my photography from 2010, I noticed that most of it was assigned – various theater and dance events. The second most common type of work was educational, wherein I learned how to use external flash units, light modifiers, my camera’s picture controls, etc. Third came personal documentation – pictures of the kids home on holiday, or the cats. Last came the personal work, mostly bird photos. I’m going to try to do more personal work in 2011, photos that serve no purpose whatsoever, but happen to strike my fancy because of their shapes or shades or colors or textures. We’ll see what comes of it.

I’ll also try to make at least one entry per week a bit of a lesson, just to see if I’m learning anything useful to others. For example, in the next entry I’m going to see if I have anything to say about how to use the direction of light. Until then, adieu!

I like this woodpecker's attitude. In 2011, I hope to treat myself to images of larger birds, such as egrets, herons, hawks and eagles. They are plentiful in this area, but I will have to leave the backyard.

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