Holiday Moments in Community Theater and Dance

I have no use for the supernatural, but I enjoy the holidays for the temporary increase in joy and kindness they bring to some people.  And, like most, I use this time of the year to reflect on the pleasures, trials, and lessons of the past.

I’m grateful for the new friends, adventures and education I’ve received via performance photography. Every community dance and theater production is like the holiday season, in that people decide to give a little bit more, and that’s a great joy to behold. Here are some moments from the last couple of years’ local holiday productions:

Mary and George Bailey dream of the future in the Ojai Art Center's 2008 production of "It's A Wonderful Life."

The aftermath of Ralphie's undeleted expletive in the Elite Theatre Company's 2008 production of "A Christmas Story."

A moment of pure joy from Nordhoff High School's 2009 Fall Dance Concert. I've met these girls and I'm pretty sure they really are elves.

Santa Baby. Nordhoff High School 2009 Fall Dance Concert.

Rehearsing for the Ojai Art Center's 2010 Holiday Show, "We'll Be Home for Christmas." I watch how hard these folks work, and then I get laughter and genuine smiles when I interrupt them for a picture. Nice people.

On the set of the Ojai Art Center's 2010 holiday show. Buddy (red shirt and green sweater) told me that whenever there are kids in a show, the adults go out of their way to make sure the kids have a great theater experience.

Yes, the snowman from Senga Classic Stage Company's 2010 holiday show was Mary Bailey in ACT's 2008 holiday show. It's a small town.

At this, ironically the most materialistic time of year, I suggest you consider investing your hard-earned money in experiences rather than things. Buy season tickets for your local theater or dance troupe and experience the joy of community all year long!

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