Another Product Shot Challenge

My friend Gaelle changed the packaging on her products; since she produces wholly organic skin care creams, she felt a completely recyclable container was in order. Product photography always challenges me, and this was especially tough – I’m hoping some readers can weigh in with advice.

Reflections were the great challenge, thanks to the shiny gold lids on these jars. Only by shooting from a high angle at a great distance with a long lens was I able to minimize reflections (the little black blog at the top center). The lid reflected anything visible to it, especially the camera. I'm presuming that the solution is to add a fourth "wall" to my mini-studio with a hole just big enough for the lens, but even so, I suspect there would be distracting reflections in the lid. I haven't straightened or adjusted for distortion, because I'm still trying to figure out this reflection puzzle. How do product photographers control reflections in shiny subjects?

Trying to photograph more than one product multiplied the reflection woes. Not only did I have to use a non-optimal shooting angle, but the reflection of one jar in the other bothered the client. I tried them at different heights for a better composition, but that only made the reflection problem worse. I have not solved this problem yet. I suppose one option would be to choose something awesome to reflect intentionally...

I suspect many professionals overcome this obstacle through retouching, but if there is a way to solve the puzzle in the studio, I’d sure love to hear it. Thanks, Z


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4 responses to “Another Product Shot Challenge

  1. myrna

    hi dean

    i think that you must light with diffusers … something soft over studio lights … photograph on a rounded background … photo from a distance

    also, i just did a google … go to youtube and there are lots of videos on how to shoot product … sometimes we forget the wonderful source of info at out cyberfingertips!

    • The lights are heavily diffused with shoot-through umbrellas. I don’t mind specular highlights on these items; it’s the reflection of other things, such as the camera, tripod, or, in some cases not shown, my red sweatshirt! I need some sort of camouflage.

  2. myrna

    just saw some pics where the product was placed on a light box … pretty neat … i forget where i saw the technique but i think it was on the DPS site

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