Remembering the Light

I don't care much for cold weather, but I do love the angle of the sun this time of year.

I spent a chunk of this morning looking at photos I’ve posted to facebook over the last couple of years, and noticed that quite a few of them were from this time of year. I’d been feeling distinctly uninspired, but the number of photos from last Fall intrigued me. And they reminded me how much I like to photograph backyard birds.

I waited much of the day for hummingbirds to come within range, but they never did. In the meantime, these two posed in open shade.

I took the camera into the back yard and there it was: the light. In my part of the world, Fall and Winter tend to expand the hours of interesting light, as the sun’s angle produces directional, shadow-rich lighting for most of the day. It’s not right for everything, but it can add a sense of drama to the most banal scene.

A popular microstock photography site rejects pet photos, because "the world doesn't need another picture of someone's cat." Maybe so, but I like to take pictures of my cats, especially when the light is so dramatic.

Lately, I’ve been waiting for assignments rather than shooting for pleasure. Bad habit. Like Dorothy, I need to remember that adventures await in my own backyard.

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