Snaps from a Festival

I spent all of Saturday, November 6, at the Ojai Film Festival, but I didn’t see a single film. I photographed some of the panels and workshops, and then I had “step and repeat” duty at the awards ceremony. I haven’t reviewed all the images yet, and I’ll shoot more today, but here are some snapshots.

Here is Craig T. Nelson, who won a lifetime achievement award. He was cordial, funny, and forthright. Nice qualities. I really struggled with hotspots on the background, but that's for another blog...

Casting Director Paul Weber conducted acting workshops, which drew tons of enthusiastic participants. I was only there for a few minutes, but I saw his advice instantly transform individuals from "another auditioning actor" to a compelling presence. Cool.

This was the most intimidating shutter release of my life, and I've photographed dangerous animals in the wild. This is Michael Chapman, cinematographer of some of the most amazing films you've ever seen. Look him up on IMDB and gasp. I didn't have the opportunity to light my subjects individually. This was another of those situations where I had to create reasonably flat, generic light that would work with a variety of subjects, regardless of hight, skin tone, clothing color, etc. But pointing my umbrellas at Mr. Chapman still gave me a great thrill.

Paul Weber, Brett Cullen, and moderator during an Actor's Panel. Tough available light in the workshops, but again, that's for another blog.

Have you ever noticed that truly great artists and craftspeople tend to really enjoy life? Michael Chapman laughs a lot. He said during this presentation that if you think about "art" when you're supposed to be getting your work done, you can turn into a "flaming asshole." The crowd cracked up, but you could tell there was also some nervous laughter in the room. Well, it takes all kinds...

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