When Snapshots are More Important Than Photographs

As passionate amateurs, we may take pride in our carefully thought-out photographs. But it’s the snapshots we end up loving and sharing with the people closest to us. They tell the really important stories.

RIP Panda. 10/26/2010

Panda in the birdbath, trying to blend in.

Helping me test a wide-angle lens

Like Hannibal Lechter, Panda preferred a nice Chianti with her liver.

My daughter and some of her friends got in the habit of celebrating Panda's birthday every August. The three girls in this photo, all adults now, visited recently and discussed plans for the next party.

Panda was a team player when it came to making sick kids feel better.

She had a knack for finding the best sleeping surface.

And of course, she had very refined tastes.

Helping me test a portrait lens, she felt some mystery would enhance the image.

I was going to write something about what happens when the kids go to college, but there's some dust in my eyes.

Even as an old lady cat, she didn't mind helping me test lenses and flash settings.


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4 responses to “When Snapshots are More Important Than Photographs

  1. Diana Kelly

    She is lovely. And photogenic. I send my condolences to you and your family–Panda’s best friends.

  2. Steve Mikkelson

    A very touching tribute…..Condolences on your loss.

  3. myrna

    condolences and sympathies … and the wonderful reminder that our cameras should be focused on those close to us and that our immediate environment is just a click away

  4. Sandi M.

    My condolences on your family’s loss. Wonderful shots of Miss Panda 🙂

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