This Model Insisted I Emphasize Her Wrinkles

There’s a first time for everything, and this week I photographed a woman who was concerned that I might NOT capture the wrinkles around her eyes.

“I don’t want people to think this is fake,” said Gaelle as I set up my lights.

Most models ask me to make them look younger. Gaelle just wanted to look natural. At 65, she's obviously doing something right.

You see, Gaelle creates and markets organic skin care products. And she doesn’t think women in their forties, fifties and sixties should buy products modeled by women in their teens and twenties. She wanted a new headshot for her website – something that showed both her age – 65 – and her beautiful skin.  Assignments like this are all about honest lighting; thank goodness I review Strobist every day!

I like to provide clients with at least three headshots for a website: one looking left, one looking right, and one straight on. That way, they have more options when composing their pages.

My goal was to produce a nice frontal fill with just enough directional key light to emphasize the few wrinkles available to me. Gaelle wanted the white background so her web designer would have maximum flexibility to change the background color later. I chose to go with an SB800 with Gary Fong Lightsphere as the fill light, placed about four feet in front of Gaelle, slightly to my left. The key was an SB600 plus umbrella, above and to my right.

Of course, our goal was to show not only Gaelle's glowing skin, but her glowing personality as well. That's all natural, too!

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One response to “This Model Insisted I Emphasize Her Wrinkles

  1. myrna

    hooray for natural!!

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