Product Shot Update

The learning curve is steeper than I thought. How on earth do product photographers manage dust?

Well, I’m making some progress photographing dark, shiny objects, but my respect for product photographers continues to grow. This time, I tried moving in close with a wide-angle lens to exaggerate the perspective. The main light was above and right, but very close and without any diffuser. The fill light was in my left hand, directly beside the lens. I crinkled up the background material, but I think the next iteration will feature a natural background – perhaps a wooden table with a holster and some ammo.

I cannot believe how many little details derailed the images from this session, especially compared to a portrait. In a portrait, I can fix blemishes and remove stray hairs without compromising the overall integrity of the image. But something like this demands sharpness and consistency beyond my retouching skills. Also, it has been difficult to find interesting and exciting lighting for the amazing variety of contours on this firearm. Perhaps I should have started out photographing a box or an egg…


Filed under Composition, Lighting

2 responses to “Product Shot Update

  1. mark

    Nice work. I, too, have struggled to capture the depth & beauty of the Python’s finish. Check out some of the photos on the Colt Forum (, especially the photos by gunkwazy. Jeff has some beautiful and creative Python photos that may give you some ideas. Enjoy your Colt; it is beautiful.

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