Before and After and Before Pictures

Before, the barrel finish was quite worn (this police firearm was often holstered but rarely fired). There is corrosion on the hammer and ejector rod, and quite a few scratches that would invite future corrosion. And the cylinder flutes were strangely stripped of finish.

I have a newfound admiration for product photographers. I wanted to share pictures of my 1963 Colt Python, newly refinished by Colt’s Manufacturing, with some friends. When I acquired the firearm last Spring, I took some “before” pictures, because the finish was worn and there were a few rust spots.  I sent the revolver to Colt’s, and a little over two months later, they sent it back.  Today, I tried to take the “after” pictures.

I tried to get the light to hit the engraving on the barrel, but I kept missing. I also paid insufficient attention to the background. One of these days I'm going to have to buy an iron. My next goal is to capture the detail AND the rich, dark blue of the finish.

I also plan to experiment with different backgrounds, angles and compositions.

Suffice to say that I need a lot more practice photographing very dark, very shiny objects. So I’m considering these “after” pictures as a new set of “before” pictures. After the refinishing of the firearm, but before I learn how to do product photography.  I’m looking forward to the practice this will inspire.

Photos were taken inside a Sunpak mini-studio. I used an SB-800 with umbrella above on the right, and an SB-600 above on the left.

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