Practice! Or Else

The Image Doctors promoted the importance of practice recently, and the topic really hit home when I wandered into the backyard to photograph birds today. Backyard birds have long been my favorite subject, but for the past few months I’ve been obsessed with indoor flash photography (because beautiful women are my real favorite subject, but birds are less intimidating). I found some willing models in the yard, but it seems I forgot some of my tricks for sharp focus and stability. Fortunately, the back yard is nearby and practice is FUN!  So, it looks like I need to get outside and get back in shape.

It took quite a few shots before I remembered to switch from matrix to center-weighted metering. Matrix is great, but backlight this strong still fools it.

I used a huge aperture for birds, hoping for sharp eyes and blurry backgrounds, but forgot to stop down when I turned the lens toward this butterfly.

Out in bright midday sun, I chose to shoot in aperture priority. I should have chosen shutter priority with a fast shutter speed and high ISO, because I'm so out of practice handling the 70-200 lens and keeping it steady. This could have been a much, much sharper image.

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One response to “Practice! Or Else

  1. gailn

    Love the bird photos! Especially the second one! He looks so contemplative!

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