Learning What You Are Bad At

I’m told that during his career, Magic Johnson would spend the off-season practicing whatever skill had the lowest success percentage in the previous season.  For a man of Magic’s ability, that often meant practicing something at which he was successful only 98% of the time, but the point was to keep improving.

Even if I had a 98% free throw percentage, the information would be of little value to me as a photographer. My learning curve takes strange turns when, in the midst of a shoot, I’m asked to do something I don’t know how to do. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about photographing the Madrigali singers. The group shots were challenging enough, but they also asked for some close-ups of costume elements that might be iconic for their CD cover or promotional materials. Unprepared and inexperienced, I grabbed some evenly lit snapshots, as shown here. Now I know what I’ll be doing in the off-season, and next time, I will have practiced arranging and lighting such things.

Of course, after I saw the image on my computer, it occurred to me that there were a bunch of beautiful granite stairs about ten feet behind me. Or, I would have been better served with two sets of feet: a man and a woman's, suggestively entwined.

So what?

So what II. A little more dramatic lighting might have emphasized the textures and shapes I was trying to capture.

This is better by virtue of simplicity, but still fails to rise above "drunk snapshot at a renaissance faire" quality. I'm definitely looking forward to more practice in the off-season.

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One response to “Learning What You Are Bad At

  1. myrna

    me thinks you are about to enter the world of photography for the arts … fine art photography or graphic arts … take your pick

    keep things simple i think and leave negative space for the text as on the sunset which graces the top of this page

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