Coming Soon: The Hat Project

Tomorrow night, some friends are going to model my hats for a photo shoot. I thought it would be quite simple to throw some hard light on the hats (to show texture), some soft light on the models, and some blue light on the background. I decided to do some testing tonight. Oh boy, was I wrong.  Stay tuned for more images and a post-game analysis.

Somehow, it escaped me that the built-in commander mode of the D300 will only control TWO sets of lights. Getting the background, key, and fill lights balanced is going to take a lot of experimentation, and might change with each model and hat color.


Filed under Lighting, Portraiture, Professional vs. Amateur

2 responses to “Coming Soon: The Hat Project

  1. Set a third strobe on manual SU-4 mode (or equivalent) to light the background?

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