Aperture Black and White Presets

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures recently, so I thought I’d do a quick post to show you the five black and white filter presets available on Aperture 3.0.  Below is the original color file, and then the black and white versions using the color filter presets, but with no other modifications.  This should give you an idea how the filter simulation changes the overall tonality.  Until next time, Z

A simple portrait, shot with flash. Take note of the background color.

Red filter

Orange filter

Yellow filter

Green filter

Blue filter

As you can see, the effect of different filters ranges from subtle to dramatic.  If you have settings like this available in your software, I strongly advise you to PLAY. It’s fun and interesting.

EDIT and ADDENDUM: After seeing Myrna’s comment, I decided to find something like a landscape shot, which I don’t do. I did find this image my son snapped in Ecuador, and since many black and white photographers use red or yellow filters to produce greater contrast in cloudy skies, I’ve added these examples:

Original, full color image

Red filter: dig the dark sky!

Yellow filter; a little less foreboding.

Blue filter saps the sky but intensifies detail on the building.

Infrared simulation: Dude! I'm tripping!

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One response to “Aperture Black and White Presets

  1. myrna

    photoshop gives you quite a few choices … including infrared, high contrast blue or red, maximum black or white, neutral density, and the above filters that you listed … also the choice to do a custom filter which is usually the way i go … first choosing one of the settings and then doing my choice

    red is always pretty dramatic with cloudy skies

    i think you need a different image to show the ranges … eg: landscape or something with dramatic color

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