Lighting for the Intended Use

I really enjoyed the opportunity to create dramatic lighting for the Cabaret images in my last two postings, but tonight I had a different kind of assignment.  The director of Great Catherine wanted images to print and post in the theater lobby for people to view before the show and during intermission. From experience, I know these images will be printed on a color copier/printer down at the local business center, so I took a different approach to lighting.

The small stage at this particular theater prevents me from getting enough room between my subject and the background. I also end up lighting the background more than I would prefer.

Rather than attempt to create dramatic images that might arrest the viewer of a poster or newspaper, I tried to achieve a broad, flat, low contrast light effect. I did not always succeed, but that’s what I was going for. Images lit this way should stand up a little better to automated printing. They are her photos, not mine, so I did my best to produce what she wanted. For most of the evening, I placed an SB800 with umbrella above right and an SB600 with umbrella above left.  Both flashes were set to about 1/2 power and the camera was set at ISO 400. The stage lights were on full, so many thanks to the actors for enduring the heat!

It's also hard to find interesting angles on this stage, because my 17mm lens just isn't wide enough for the close working distances. I usually bring my step stool and stand in front of the raised stage.

Everything you've heard about working with animals is true. Don't do it unless you really love animals. I don't like dogs, but I do like a challenge.

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