A Portrait of the Daughter as a Young Woman

As I always tell my friends at the Ojai Photography Club, there’s no point in being president if you cannot abuse power. Likewise, there’s no point in having a photography blog if you don’t use it to show off personal images now and then.

My daughter and I popped into the backyard this afternoon for a couple of graduation portraits. I shot these in RAW, using manual exposure with a locked ISO – very unusual for me, as I usually just let auto-iso wander.  I’m just trying a little harder these days to nail exposure at the point of capture – to work more consciously. I did let the SB800 speedlight determine balanced fill flash amounts automatically.

These were shot with the Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens, which seems like a pretty good option for portraits, as it allows some flexibility in working distance, as well as the option to create extremely narrow depth of field. A wide angle might have been a better choice for capturing the hundreds of Matilija Poppies surrounding her, but would have distorted her features if I was close and minimized her presence if I backed up. So I think the 50 was a good choice. It’s really quite an amazing lens for around $100.

The second image was softened using Noise Ninja software, which is designed to remove high ISO noise. I often use it like a diffusion filter.

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