A Stage Too High

Looking up at the stage was just too limiting, even though the working distance provides superior dimensionality in the image. A best-case scenario for this theater would be to photograph a dress rehearsal from a ladder in front of the first row of seats. That would be awesome.

Dang. Dance teacher Kim Hoj reserved a front row center seat for me, to no avail. I attended tonight’s dress rehearsal to get a few test shots. As I feared, the stage was too high – or the front row was too low. A dancer’s feet – and their relationship to the floor – are pretty important. Alas, I could not see them from the front row. I’ll shoot the performances on Friday and Saturday nights from the back of the theater, as I have in the past.  I still have some new tricks up my sleeve for better images, but I think I’d better get those images before I brag about them…

There's no way I could have taken this picture from the front row. I had to move almost to the back of the theater to get above stage level. For the actual concert, I'll be at the very back of the theater. Lens compression is the trade-off that comes with a longer working distance, but trade-offs must be made.

Having seen the rehearsal, I think YOU should go see this dance tribute to Michael Jackson. They’ve added a Sunday performance.  More info here.


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  1. myrna

    front row seats are also very hard on the anatomy … especially the neck … dance is really about the whole body

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