Lens Compression

Tonight I’ll be shooting some dancers in a theater I’ve never seen before. I don’t need to carry lighting gear, because it’s a dress rehearsal and they want it to run like the actual show. I will bring lots of glass, because I don’t have any idea what I’ll be facing. I do know that a film will be projected behind the dancers, so I expect exposure and focus challenges.

Although I’ve shot lots of dance performances, this is my first opportunity to shoot a rehearsal, which means it’s my first opportunity to GET CLOSER. I mentioned in an earlier post that I usually have to shoot dance concerts from the back of the theater with a long lens, which causes compression. Lens compression makes it difficult to isolate my subjects, because the effect compresses the foreground and the background. The closer I get to the subject, the less compression, so I can make the most of shallow depth of field. Or so I hope.

Here’s a great article that explains and illustrates lens compression.

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