Great Information about Nikon Vibration Reduction

I previously mentioned Thom Hogan’s helpful email about VR. He’s now written an article on the topic and it’s the clearest explanation I’ve seen. If you have any Nikon VR lenses, this article will help you get better results with them:

Thom Hogan on Nikon VR


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2 responses to “Great Information about Nikon Vibration Reduction

  1. myrna

    o.k. … read it … more than i need to know … must be some shorter version of this for us non-techies

    • You only think you’re a non-techie. When your camera and lens have that many buttons and menus, you’re a techie by default. That said, most of the tech stuff in Thom’s article supports the “rules,” so people could just skim the article and take the rules at face value. For me, it’s almost moot, because I do 80% of my shooting in low light at low shutter speeds, so VR-on is still the default position for me.

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