Just Have Fun

Sonia and Augie on the spinning taxi ride at Disneyland. Do I care about noise, focus, white balance, etc.? Usually, but sometimes I just press the button to see what happens.

Greg Cooper from Brooks Institute was our guest speaker at the Ojai Photography Club this month. His topic was “Funtography,” and he reminded us that we all started out as photographers by pointing the camera at whatever caught our attention and pressing the button. In the beginning, we weren’t obsessed with lighting ratios and color management and leading lines and perspective – we were just exercising our shutter release finger.  I mentioned in previous posts that I lost all my carefully composed magic hour shots at Disneyland when my memory card failed, but I like the just-for-fun shots I took immediately following that debacle.

Why correct the white balance when the light really was green?

It's Disneyland's job to bring out the joyous child in everyone. Well done, Disneyland!

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