My Other Memory Failure

Last week, I wrote about the memory card that failed during my visit to Disneyland. The funny thing is – that’s not the memory failure that caused me the most trouble.

You see, I went to Disneyland because my club is putting on a Travel and Vacation Photography workshop, and I wanted to see if I could make some interesting images of a well-known place.  I lived near Disneyland as a child, and took my own children there a few times.  I remembered that the grounds are beautiful, colorful, and full of interesting details.

I imagined the park vividly, but without any people.

Well, at any given moment, there are a LOT of people at Disneyland. They’re everywhere.  Point your camera in any direction (almost), and a stranger will be in the picture. On top of that, I really don’t like crowds. And what about all those interesting details in the landscaping and architecture?  They ensure extremely busy backgrounds, making it hard to isolate one’s subject. So, Disneyland was a more challenging assignment than I expected. Here are some of the images I brought back and the lessons I’ll try to remember.

As long as you're in an unreal place, don't be afraid of strange images inside attractions, where long exposures will cause ghosting of moving objects.

People are everywhere, cluttering up your shots. However...

...sometimes you can make the people an interesting graphic element. Sometimes.

My nephew's wife (my niece-in-law?) dances in the Celebrate! parade. There's always too much going on in the background, but sometimes you get lucky and something compelling happens in the foreground.

Interaction is always good, but this shot of Ashleigh out-dancing her boss could lead to trouble. Minnie looks great for her age, but don't expect her to change her expression, if you know what I mean.

Don't want crowds in your images? Look up - you may be surprised when the wicked queen peeks from a window most people never notice.

I was trying to take a picture of the photographer wearing mouse ears, but this statue got in the way.

Sometimes, you need to set the camera down and take time to think. A Matterhorn sundae provides ample thinking time.


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3 responses to “My Other Memory Failure

  1. myrna

    oh my, regarding the matterhorn sundae … stick to a glass of red wine please!

    • I had been dreaming for weeks of having a thick frosty milkshake at Carnation Cafe on Main Street, where they had an old-timey soda fountain when I was a kid. When the hostess told me I could not get a milkshake anywhere in the park, I felt that suicide by sundae was my only recourse. The sundae was so good that I soon felt much better. Until I had almost finished it. Then I didn’t feel so good. Happy, but queasy…

  2. What, so for a while it was “The queasiest place on earth.”

    But seriously, I really enjoy taking pictures of people in situations like that. It’s often much easier getting good candids when people don’t have a clue they’re being photographed. I love my 70-200 2.8 but admittedly, the older I get the heavier it gets.

    If you want a photo buddy the next time you’re town, let me know.

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