What Difference Will Two Years Make?

I haven't looked at the original in two years, but I'm guessing this is grainy because it is a tight crop from an underexposed image, lightened in Photoshop. I still like it.

I don’t like to get up early, which means I usually miss the most interesting light.  Two years ago this week, my son had an early morning flight back to school, and since I was up anyway, I drove to the Bolsa Chica wetlands to snap a few pictures.  Tomorrow morning, my son has an even earlier flight out of LAX, so I’m going to revisit Bolsa Chica and see how two years of practice and study affect my results.

These were shot with a D200. Tomorrow’s will be shot with a D300.  The cameras use very different sensors, and I’m also a very different person. Let’s see if it shows in the images I post next week.

I probably should have crouched down lower so the bird's head was not right at the dividing line of the green and golden backgrounds. But all I truly remember about that morning was that my ears were FREEZING. Thank goodness there are good coffee shops nearby.

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