Shooting for Myself, and Shooting Myself in the Foot

The sort of image I make for myself, on the rare occasion when I get off my butt and make some images for myself.

I often feel disinclined to pick up the camera and just go shooting for the fun of it. That’s a problem.

I’m self-employed and could easily manage to be out and about during morning or evening magic hour. Yet I spend many of the best hours of the day glued to this computer, trying to figure out how to stay self-employed. (Hint: you should buy my book).

One reason I rarely grab a camera when I’m going for a walk: About 18 months ago, I impulsively sold my favorite “walking around” lens, a 60mm micro-Nikkor. I really liked that lens, which I bought many, many years ago at Del’s Camera in Santa Barbara. Out and about, I like to photograph colors and textures, and the macro lens (which Nikon mysteriously calls “micro”) gave me lots of flexibility. I could move in close on an insect, or step back and make a portrait.

A grab shot, taken with my beloved 60mm micro-Nikkor. Must...hold...back...tears....

Macro lenses are fun. This fly landed on a file box on my desk and posed at length. I didn't even have to get up.

Why did I sell the lens? I’m gonna go with temporary insanity. Several of my oldest lenses were developing cracks in the mounts. The 60 wasn’t, but I got rid of all of them, just in case. I should be wearing a hat with bells on it.

But really, there’s no excuse for not having fun with my hobby. I’ve got lots of cool gear and unlimited “film,” not like when I was twelve years old with a basic camera, a 50mm lens, and enough money each week to buy or process a roll of film, but not enough for both. Yet I took pictures every day.

When I do set out with a camera, I'm hunting for interesting light, color, and textures.

I would love to spend more time working with studio lighting, but I'm so low on the learning curve that I require extremely patient models.

I looked through the last six months’ files and found only a handful of shots made for myself. Hopefully, the needs of this blog will inspire me to get out and shoot something other than theater and dance assignments. Wish me luck.

Man, I miss that macro lens!

I also loved the color, contrast and "feel" of my particular 60mm lens. But don't pay attention to my whining. I still have great lenses to choose from. It's vision and drive that I lack right now. And cookies. I definitely lack cookies. And ice cream sandwiches. Hmmmm... ice cream sandwiches....

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